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Update:  A health assessment for the dump area will be published next month.  If elected, or if not,  I will continue to fight in the name of Helen Goddard who transitioned while fighting and living next door to a dump that moved in after her.


In the name of all citizens who go to school and live next door and near warehouses who are impacted by them including myself as a member of the community, I will continue to fight for relief and seek justice. Please join me. One person cannot do it!

Legislation/Other: Environmental Justice to protect the health and welfare of citizens in our city.  Environmental Justice Committee to address issues. 

Resolution to resolve land dispute with Union City.  Air pollution ordinance to ban certain pollutants and fine those who do not comply. Elicit Discharge and connection ordinance coalition with an agency and a university focused on an air pollution study.  Partnership with environmental justice activists to address problems. 

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