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Who I am?

  • Our over 4 years old city began with $0, an experienced and a Treasurer/CFO who borrowed at a low interest rate. When he left, over 4 years later, our total budget was more than $125 million.  

  • We must be careful how we spend because the big unknown of COVID is still present but we spend, spend and spend.

  • Some accomplishments:  funding allocated to redevelop Old National and other areas, repair decrepit facilities including parks except CEDAR GROVE PARK and MINIMAL for WILKERSON MILL PARK and purchase new vehicles.  New development other than residential has been slow.

  • We’ve created a main street for tourism, expanded athletic and arts programs, obtained the Fulton Industrial District and are close to finalizing Wolf Creek for events. What about district 4?

  • We have a long way to go before both rehab and development is equitable.

  • Our city is operating; how well will be determined by outcomes.

  • Citizens and I have a plan for District 4.

  • Taught business subjects for high school.

  • Accountant for a Mental Health Center.

  • Auditor for CPA companies in different cities.

  • Assistant Controller for a development company

  • Operations auditor for hospitals.

  • Administrator for a Public Health department in a medical school.   

  • President of my HOA.

  • Board Member of the Parkway Alliance.

  • Worked in every district of our city with the People’s Campaign to get our city on the ballot.

  • First Council Member for District 4, City of South Fulton. 

  • My experience is focused on people and leadership.  I am running on experience and see takeaways to help us thrive.  I have hope. Together we can close the equity gap in our city and district.

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