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Update: Chateau Estates is a residential development of 23 upscale homes.  It is moving through the zoning process and should begin land disturbance within months. Click here for a photo of Chateau Estates.


The Chatt Hills Crossroad project in partnership with the COSF/District 4 includes a master plan.  Click here for the master plan. It will include mixed use (residential and commercial)


Before 12/31/21, another mixed-use project should be going through the zoning department.  It is will include quality restaurants, retail, medical offices, etc.  The community will have input. 

Legislation/Other:  Economic Development Incentive Ordinance to encourage development and redevelopment; Opportunity Zone Ordinance to create jobs, Subdivision Regulations to enhance turnover standards;  I provided edits to the entire zoning ordinance (over 100 pages) and revised three overlays to ensure quality, character and land protection for district 4.  Always remember zoning determines what goes on the land.

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