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Without focusing on the pieces that make up the whole (each district), it is difficult to arrive at a strategy for the entire city.  If the citizens are not meaningful partners at the table and are not involved in decisions, then the city is missing a viable voice in decision making.  Teamwork is all elected officials on the same page for there to be unbiased solutions.  If all of these elements are not working in our city then we need to determine why and make the necessary changes to ensure the success of our city.  This will require honesty in terms of looking at ourselves and agreeing with ourselves that changes are necessary for our city to thrive and prosper.  This cannot occur without leadership.


City would have to come before self.  This would have to be a negotiation with the ego that will fight to survive to be out front for the sake of self. If the above does not occur, then there will be plans that are not strategic.  Instead, they will be open ended for whatever other goals and objectives exist.  The atmosphere will not be people centered and there will be constant attempts to publish narratives of pie in the sky but crumbling will occur as people fight to preserve whatever, until collapse.  Government cannot thrive this way.


We have an opportunity to grow a city.  That is a big job and an important one because we have to ensure that our citizens have services, that quality economic growth is occurring, social and educational outlets are available, greenspace is preserved and expanded.  Change has to occur for our city to survive.

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